TIC | 株式会社東京コンサルティング研究所



Message from CEO, Yoshihiro Takemoto

Our Mission and Values
TIC deliveries credit to clients while providing consulting services of remodeling of business ecosystems. TIC is a professional and innovative team. ​TIC aims to create and provide innovations in techniques and consulting services with strategic partners. TIC consultants develop clients’ innovation-chain with our advanced consulting services.
We established TOKYO Institute of Consulting Inc. in 2016 for consistently providing consulting services of strategy, management, business processes. TIC deliveries credit through communication with clients, employees, society and shareholders, TIC contributes clients’ sustainability on basis of credit. TIC formulates clients’ innovation-chain on resolving clients’ requirements on condition of complexity and uncertainty in 2000s’ .  ​TIC promises that our clients be satisfied with our consulting services of building up innovation-chain.