TIC | 株式会社東京コンサルティング研究所


Management Strategy

Management Strategy: Achieve Sustainability
TIC helps clients formulate business strategy and monitors action plans in progress, which enables clients to achieve sustainability.

Growth Strategy: Realize Company Growth in Logistics Industry
TIC help our clients shape growth strategies in logistics industry which are realized through M&A advisory and Due diligence with our expertise.

Global Strategy: Carry Out Global Expansion
In overseas expansion, TIC provides our clients with consulting service as well as in Japan when our clients aim to improve overseas logistics efficiency and implement cost reduction in logistics.

  • Management Strategy

    To shape growth strategy, it’s critical to enhance enterprise competitive advantage and create action plans for problem-solving. With deep knowledge and meaningful insight, TIC helps our clients until monitoring action plans are managed by themselves.

  • Business Management BPO

    To enable our clients to achieve the mid-term goal, our consultants will work on-site as one of their members regarding monitoring and their executing mid-term plan and sales actions.

  • Business Due Diligence

    In a M&A transaction, we can help clients implement business due diligence activities for a short period, narrowing down business assessment targets in advance.

  • M&A advisory

    In logistics & transportation industry, our consultants with long experience in the logistics industry provide M&A advisory service.

  • Global Strategy

    For clients who expand their business globally, TIC helps enhance logistics efficiency. We will realize cost reduction in logistics and transportation while shortening lead time by the mean of strategic alliance with our current logistics partner companies and new ones in overseas.

Business Consulting

Our services include:
・Reform supply chain management
・BPR (Front-end and Back-end in organizational structures)
・Change management

To implement the cross-organizational reforms, It is extremely challenging only for daily operations in clients, so that we will work on-site at the clients’ offices as a member of them.

We provide them with the working-on-site consulting service until they yield results in boosting sales and reducing costs.

Moreover, in strategic alliance with TIC’s partner company, we will help clients improve their capabilities in logistics by way of utilizing IT innovative technologies, such as IoT, Ai, and robotics in logistics.

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

    By innovating supply chain management with clients, we will generate high performance such as managing sales opportunity losses and supply chain costs.

  • Change Management

    In cooperation with management teams at clients’ company, we formulate action plans on business management method and business process innovation.
    In the execution phase of change management plans, TIC offers continuous support for establishment of method, process, and structure, so that clients could better meet customer expectation.


    Implementing BPR in a middle office which functions as a sales administration improves sales forces and cost effectiveness in the work processes as that administration can became a concierge for sales forces and enable sales rep. to focus on clients by BPR.
    Post BPR to fulfillment a low cost operation system, TIC shifts from BPR to BPO actions so that we enhance that system in terms of simplicity and efficiency.

  • Robotics for Logistics

    Today’s business world is increasingly high-velocity, so that we have to capture the innovation wave. With our business and industry insights in logistics and innovative technologies (e.g. IoT, AI, RFID, etc.), we will change the field of logistics actions, such as shortening delivery lead-time and realizing lower cost operations in distribution centers.

Formulation of new enterprice scheme

TIC will support the expansion of Japanese client enterprises (small and medium-sized enterprises) in domestic and international market. We provide the services not only opportunities for business matching, but also business management platform offers operations and IT solutions.
In new transactions, the client companies can expand its sales channels by taking advantage of the platform functions (order receiving, delivery, inventory control, settlement) which provided by partner companies including TIC and financial institutions.
As platform business is at the planning stage, we prepare to launch to distribute Japanese high-quality services and products to the second or third tier cities in China through our platform business.
Utilizing the platform business, TIC represent the Japanese client companies to initiate the flow of sales and logistics businesses with the local purchasing agencies.