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Society May Changed by 5G

5G is an abbreviation of 5th generation mobile communication system, which is 1000 times faster and has larger capacity than 4G. 5G can also realize simultaneous and multiple connection of 10 times or more devices with latency of 1 mm or less. 5G in Japan is scheduled to start in 2020. 5G technology leads the whole society to smart. It is possible to have exceptionally reliable automatic driving come true through 5G technology. Besides, remote surgery and diagnosis will be possible in the medical field. What’s more, in everyday life, you will be able to watch 4K / 8K videos smoothly from your smartphone. The real-time VR experience and watch sports from a free viewpoint can also be experienced at home. When 4G launched, many people just thought that speeding up internet connections would make video and photos more enjoyable. But nobody expected a significant change in lifestyle and business style, such as the QR code payments, the emergence of new occupations like YouTubers and influencers due to the development of new media, and the development of online live distribution sales. The more powerful and speedy 5G may change the society again like what 4G brought to us. I am looking forward to how 5G will change society.