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New Trends in Japanese Catering Industry – One Person Seat

At present, in Japan’s catering industry, the popularity of “One Person Seat ” is rising. The “One Person Seat ” in the family restaurant “Gusto”, and the “One Person Seat ” which just as a single room in a store of “Torikizoku” has become a hot topic of the Internet and SNS. For restaurants, “One Person Seat ” can increase seat utilization and the number of people coming. For the consumer, even go out eat alone, the “One Person Seat ” can feel free to take a use. It can be used for work, study or leisure. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications’ “White Paper on Information and Communication in 2018” shows that the number of Japanese singles is increasing. It can be expected that the demand for services for single-person consumers will increase rapidly in the future. The “one person” setting can inject new vitality into the slowing growth of the Japanese catering industry.