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Economic Impact of COVID-19

The new corona virus is spread worldwide. China has closed off some cities and restricted people from going out. Stock prices have plummeted in the Tokyo market on February 25, following the European and American markets on February 24, and it looks like a simultaneous global stock depreciation. The economic impact of the new corona virus first emerged in the travel industry. Kyoto, which is popular among Chinese tourists, has seen a drastic decrease in tourists, so the amount of accommodation has dropped sharply compared to before, and it is possible to stay in the 5,000 yen range per night. The ryokan in Gamagori City, has given up on business continuity due to a series of group tour cancellations from China. In addition to the travel industry, the manufacturing and retail industries are also affected by the spread of the new corona virus infection. Some of the new UNIQLO products to be released in February will be postponed, and products made in China, such as electric appliances at the 100 yen shop, are still in stock, but new arrival prospects have not been determined. China as a “world factory” affects various industries. With the economic impact of the new corona virus increasing, it is important to keep an eye on the movements in each industry.