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Evaluation of Agility in Your Supply Chains

The Agile Supply Chain make the company competitive. This is not the story which has been told these days but has been advocated for more than ten years. However, when you assess your company’s supply chain, does it really “Agile”?According to the Supply Chain Management Review, there are four aspects of Agile Supply Chain, “Centralization”, “Standardization”, “Control Tower”, and “Flexibility”. It can say an organization that SCM managers can obtain real-time date, which is covered entire supply chain, So that they can make rational determination in a timely manner; moreover, they can select solutions from multiple choice and it can implement simultaneously in global. There are different ways of supply chain evaluations exist. In practice, it is important to meet company’s business strategy, comparison with another company in the same industry, and so on. Evaluation of supply chain while taking care of daily operation must be a huge task. So, it is good to think about your consultant to support it.12

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