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“Double 11” Sale, the Biggest Sale Event in the Entire China

November 11 was popular among young people as “single day” in China. It’s because”1″ reminiscent of person being alone, and four “1” lining up stronger the meaning of loneliness. Although it is a somewhat lonely meaningful day, “Alibaba”, the leading EC company in China, advertises that “Single is not a lonely thing, let’s do a good deals shopping and make it a happy day” since 2009, made “Double 11” became the sale event in China just as the “Black Friday” in America. “Double 11” sale starts with a gorgeous countdown event from the evening of the previous night and all the sales are started at once when November 11th AM 0: 00. The sale period is limited to 24 hours, and every item of all “Alibaba” shop participating in the sale. In 2018 “Double 11 sale, the transaction amount of the Alibaba Group’s EC site reached the record high of 213.5 billion yuan (about 3.4 trillion yen). The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced on November 15th that the EC transaction amount of this year’s single day sale period (November 1 to 11) exceeded 300 billion yuan (about 5 trillion yen), an increase of 27% from the previous year. Among them, Japan is ranked # 1 in the country-specific sales ranking of imported goods. Product categories that became the top sales of imported goods are supplements, disposable diapers, powdered milk, and cosmetics. Kao and Unicharm are ranking second and third in terms of import sales. In the apparel sector UNIQLO has become the number one of the totes. Many people buy consumables and living supplies for a year at “Double 11” sale and many consumers purchase insulation underwear for winter. From the result of “Double 11” sale this year, it is assumed that demand for children and women will continue to be high in the Chinese market in the future. There is a great chance that Japanese products of high quality and bona fide price to enter the Chinese market. TOKYO Business Bridge (TBB), a group company of TIC, provides sales support in the Chinese market. If you are interested, please contact http://www.tic-web.co.jp/contact.

陳 力源