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Cosmetics-A new area of food manufacturers

With the increase in beauty-related Youtuber and word-of-mouth applications, women’s consumption for beauty category products is expanding. Collaboration between food manufacturers and cosmetic manufacturers (make-up and skin care) is increasing to capture the demand. Nestle “Kit Kat” collaborates with Korean cosmetics brand ETUDE HOUSE released limited eye shadows. A cute package and a slightly sweet smell make it a sells out big hit with young women. “Saborino Sheet Mask”, which is also popular for inbound travelers, collaborates with Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. “Almond Effect”, released a sheet mask of fruity almond scent blended with almond milk, which has become a hot topic on the net. A body wash and body lotion in collaboration with a popular Korean beverage “Banana Uyu” and a cosmetic brand ““Round Around”’s collaboration achieved sales of 1 billion won in just two months. In addition to the cute packages like snack food, the reason for the popularity of collaboration is that in these products you can make makeup and skin care while enjoying the smell of tasty snack food. The growing beauty products market will be a promising area to be explored for food makers.

陳 力源