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Aeon opened a new shopping center (SC) “AEON MALL Wuhan Jinqiao” in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China’s inland area on December 7,2017 (the third Aeon store in Wuhan). Restaurants and other food and drinking related shops occupy almost 40% of the tenants in the new SC, and lots of “Koto consumption” stores included also. Aeon plans to increase stores continuing, despite the intense sales battle in China which is caused by the growing popularity of online shopping. By the end of 2019, Aeon will increase their stores up to more than 22 places throughout China. Aeon, which the main competitor is the local SCs in Mainland China, will continue to increase the “Koto consumption” shops in Aeon stores for countering electronic commerce sites and other SCs. Consumer’s purchase decision making is changing from “Mono consumption” that consumers decide purchase by price and product itself, to “Koto consumption” that consumers decide purchase by customer experience (CX) and expectation from stores and products (for example, the increasing of “instashot” shop). As the EC is increasing in Japan, the battle of utilizing “Koto consumption” already began among Japanese retail stores.

陳 力源