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HBR (January-February, 2018 issue) makes a proposal on how creates a effective branding strategy that enables strike a good balance between social ideal and corporate growth. Nowadays, consumers have been getting particular about new products. Not only product quality but also ethics in product development could influence on their purchase decisions now. With the change of consumer behavior, the number of marketing programs for the social responsibility have been surging. However, some marketing programs failed because their brand messages backfired and consequently offended consumers. Such failures are seen especially in the companies that have grown thanks in large part to their strengths in product functions. TIC have long valued functional growth as well as the engagement (sympathy and co-creation) for clients, which is one of our corporate identities from when TIC was established. Our insights extracted from the engagement activities are greatly effective in branding strategy inasmuch as our consulting services.

川端 祥生